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About me

Paintings and ceramics

I paint and do murals in ceramic for interior design, check photos gallery below.

Generate excitement

My artwork is reflection of a life lived as a traveller. American born in Algiers, I travelled through Europe and the Americas working as a  translator. Always aware of the mis-translation of language, my artwork attempts to describe the ebb and flow of the life energy of universal communication, which exists beyond anyone dialect.I believe that this kind of empathetic energy also extends beyond humans, influencing the smallest of plant life to the buzz of an enormous city.

I am self-thought artist whose work is guided by discovery and accident, In addition to being trained in traditional Arabic calligraphy, I express myself using mixed media-drawing,pastels, watercolor,acrylics, and oil paint. After painting en plain air alongside of fellow artists in the Netherlands, I developed an intense appreciation for impressionist paintings and quick , raw sketches, Spontaneous bruch strokes inform my painting style, though lately I am interested in exploring what happens when planes of color begin to drift apart and the image becomes interrupted,These new paintings, which combine naturalism and abstraction, suggest a kind of inner-psychology or sensation-they describe the winds which escape language.

Art must surround us

Art is the cornerstone of human culture. It is beautiful, unique, exiting, and also peaceful.Art shouldn't just be in museums or art history books, it should surround us,  live with us, and be passed down through the generations,Art can be enjoyed every time it is seen, it can spark conversation and build connections. By purchasing my artwork, you support my vision, and create an opportunity for more artwork to be created.

Society in dissapointment

My drawings are a new way to express what is happening in a society. The disappointments and fear for the actual situation around the world

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